In my journey, I've had the honor to work with superbly talented people, who are  champions of their domain, and who taught me a lot during our collaborations. They've played a major role in guiding me to learn better, and were kind enough to share their experiences in working with me. Here are some of those stories.

Swati Banerjee

Product Designer

It was a pleasure working with Prashant at BYJU'S. We worked together in the Magic Workbooks team and he took care of all sound design related responsibilities. He's a great team player which makes him easy to approach and to collaborate with. His skills range from being a talented musician to being a talented manager.

Ashwin Nandihalli

UX Pro, industry expert

Prashant understands physics, psychology and art of sound and music design. It's easy to work with him, he will figure out missing parts of brief And deliver beyond expected. He is alway ready for experiments to improve user engagement. Prashant is nice, humble and super knowlegable is sound and music design.

Ashish S

Teacher, Director

Prashant has been phenomenal in my growth - both personal and professional. Since I joined BYJU'S in late 2016, his nuanced feedback about my on-screen presence made me a better video teacher, conversations with him made me a better person.

Kumar Gaurab

Program Management, PMO, Business growth specialist

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Prashant during our time at BYJU'S on the Disney K3 project. As a member of the PMO team, I witnessed Prashant's exceptional leadership skills and his role as the head of the sound team. His profound understanding of sound engineering was pivotal in creating high-quality K3 quizzes. Prashant's ability to convey complex sound concepts to the team and his agility in managing stakeholders were truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Prashant for any team; he's an invaluable asset who can drive success for any organization.

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