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Linkin Park Quiz

If you know me, you would know how big a fan of Linkin Park I am. As a tribute, I made a fun Google Home App that works on any device that has Google Assistant installed, including smart speakers.

To use it, you just have to say, "Hey Google, take the Linkin Park Quiz". The app was published globally in 2018 and since then, there have been a lot of updates on the backend, so it's accessible on an invite-only basis.

Currently, the next version is in the works, and if you'd like to contribute to it, use the button below.

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Voice & Text Sync – RX, Unity & After Effects

This app syncs text with voice, and creates files compatible with iZotope RX. An extension of the app automates sing-along animation in Unity and After Effects. The app is not available as public release yet.

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Artist Management

I have helped and sponsored a few superb Indie Artists to get their music reach the world via Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms, and have helped some of them establish an online portfolio for themselves.

Their music is rich, unconventional, and on the way to becoming major hits – it's just a matter of time.

I promote budding artists as much as I can, so if you're one too, let me know. I'll add your music to my Good Indie Music playlist that showcases those who I've had the honour to know personally.

Artist Catalogue

Google Sheets Downloader

To solve my personal requirement of downloading the current tab in Google Sheets as PDF or XLSX with one click, I ended up creating this Chrome Extension.

It seemed like a major need of the hour as it got 1k+ downloads without any marketing.

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Rick Rubin Quotes

As a Rick Rubin fan, I have been collecting his Wisdom quotes and decided to compile them in one place.

The Chrome Extension brings you inspirational quotes from one of the pioneering legend of the music industry. You can use this to stay motivated anytime you’re in doubt or hit writer’s block.

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Google Suite Apps

As a regular user of Google Sheets and Workspace, I have been writing Custom Projects that allows cross application synchronisation and automation.

These range from solving trivial problems to full fledged project management. They are not released for public.

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Ear Training App

Learn to listen. Understand frequencies and test your skills. The app is based on the Web Audio API, and is structured like a Game with Score and Analytics on the progress. The stages are based on my personal approach to understanding sound frequencies and how they are perceived.

The published version online is a trimmed down version, with basic functionalities to give users an introduction to the concept while they also use it to train their ears.

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Re-Nova Synth Demo 1

While exploring audio tech, I created my first VST Plugin back in 2013, which I experimented in many DAWs. The synth had an arpeggiator, in-built reverb and a few basic functionalities.

It was released for a few users on the Digital iVision Labs' website. If you'd like to give it a shot, let me know and I'll send you a free copy of it.

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Scribble – Novel Series

Scribble is a collection of short stories, poems, handwritten scripts along with beautiful art that bring together the idea of observing life and living in the moment.

Back in 2018, I had published 2 Volumes, namely First Drafts and Observations. Vol. 3 is in the works and will be coming out soon.

When you've read these, let me know your thoughts.

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Know more?

Some of my work done with the clients are not available on the public domain due to confidentiality of the projects and the non-disclosure agreements. In case you'd like to know about these, send me a query using the Contact Me form and I'll get back to you with the shareable details at the earliest.