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Soundly Shape it

Shape it by Soundly

Shape it is a parametric EQ with easy-to-use & intuitive UI. It comes with a collection of various presets, including musical ones, allowing for quick adjustments or complete sound transformation.

This project was about creating something with a simple UX & powerful strengths. I worked with designer & developer to take it from idea to  product.

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ADCx India 24

ADCx India is an attempt to scale up the audio & music tech community in India. The first every audio developer conference's ADCx event in India was hosted on 7th Jan 2024. It was great to meet so many passionate talents from around the country and abroad who participated.

You can watch the recording of the live stream in the YouTube widget above.

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Music Tech Community Logo

Music Tech Community

Music Tech Community is an attempt at creating an ecosystem for music & audio tech by helping everyone find the right resources, participate in hackathons, and provide workshops.

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Music Hack Day India Logo

Music Hack Day India

Music Hack Day India is one of the strongest action items that has helped bring many ideas come to life by collaboration. As part of the Music Tech Community's effort, we try to host hackathons regularly.

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FMOD Studio Soundly Integration

Soundly FMOD Integration

In the effort for making game audio a seamless experience, Soundly can now send sound effects directly to FMOD Studio with a bunch of customisations. It was great experimenting with FMOD Studio and figuring this out.

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Studio One Soundly Integration

Soundly Studio One Integration

Studio One is a widely used DAW and this project aimed at creating a way to send audio to Studio One tracks with customisations to speed up the post production and sound design processes.

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IGDC 2023 Talk

Building a Game Audio Mindset (a quick guide to scalable audio implementation)

I was invited to the India Game Developer Conference to share some insights on games & interactive audio.

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AirCon23 Talk by Prashant Mishra on Essense of Sound Design for IPs and Brands


Essence of Sound Design for IPs & Brands

I was invited to speak at AirCon23, an online audio conference hosted at Essence of sound is often missed when creators get too involved with the technicalities of audio. Brands & IPs have a major factor in common. Check the presentation for more.

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Soundly Wwise Integration

Soundly Wwise Integration

As part of setting up creative collaboration amongst people (and companies), I created the Soundly Wwise Integration that allows game audio industry to work in a seamless ecosystem. It's a step to make interactive sound design more fun.

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Game Audio India logo

Game Audio India

Game Audio India is a campaign to build, support and scale an ecosystem for games & interactive audio mindset in India. Join me in this journey.

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WolfSound Podcast

Building Audio Teams & Products.

Had a great discussion with Jan from on his podcast about my journey so far, covering the creative, management and technical roles.

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The Audio Programmer Presentation

I shared the screen with Joshua Hodge & Nick Culbertson (Moby Pixel) to share one of my projects to nudge more people to explore Machine Learning.

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Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) Logo

Disney Audio IP Packs

Worked with Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) to create sound design for IPs such as Frozen, Toy Story, Cars, Lion King, Finding Nemo and more, as part of the Educational Videos & Games content for the Disney BYJU'S Early Learn products. Ideated on possible ways to sonically bring character connect to the audience for screens that have still images. This was appreciated by the Disney team and showcased to their other licensees.

Trained fellow sound designers to understand the sound design language required for a seamless learning experience while staying in the world of the particular story.

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Google Home App Linkin Park Quiz

Linkin Park Quiz

If you know me, you would know how big a fan of Linkin Park I am. As a tribute, I made a fun Google Home App that works on any device that has Google Assistant installed, including smart speakers.

To use it, you just have to say, "Hey Google, take the Linkin Park Quiz". The app was published globally in 2018 and since then, there have been a lot of updates on the backend, so it's accessible on an invite-only basis.

Currently, the next version is in the works, and if you'd like to contribute to it, use the button below.

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iZotope RX & Voice and Text Sync

Voice & Text Sync – RX, Unity & After Effects

This app syncs text with voice, and creates files compatible with iZotope RX. An extension of the app automates sing-along animation in Unity and After Effects. The app is not available as public release yet.

Voice & Text Sync project was part of using automation techniques to scale up the creation of read-along Disney educational games. Started as a hobbyist exploration, it soon turned out to be a key element that provided audio department to have control on the timing of animation. I used RX, Unity and other tools involved in the workflow and collaborated with technical animation team to bring this to life.

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Disney BYJU'S Hakuna Matata TV Ad

Disney BYJU'S Hakuna Matata TV Ad

For the launch of Disney BYJU'S Early Learn app, a TV Ad was created that used visuals from Disney IP based videos and games that are part of the product. I worked with the Ad agency and provided them the sound design required for Lion King based sections. The sounds were approved by Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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Artist Management

I have helped and sponsored a few superb Indie Artists to get their music reach the world via Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms, and have helped some of them establish an online portfolio for themselves.

Their music is rich, unconventional, and on the way to becoming major hits – it's just a matter of time.

I promote budding artists as much as I can, so if you're one too, let me know. I'll add your music to my Good Indie Music playlist that showcases those who I've had the honour to know personally.

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Google Sheets Downloader Chrome Extension

Google Sheets Downloader

To solve my personal requirement of downloading the current tab in Google Sheets as PDF or XLSX with one click, I ended up creating this Chrome Extension.

It seemed like a major need of the hour as it got 1k+ downloads without any marketing.

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Rick Rubin Quotes Chrome Extension

Rick Rubin Quotes

As a Rick Rubin fan, I have been collecting his Wisdom quotes and decided to compile them in one place.

The Chrome Extension brings you inspirational quotes from one of the pioneering legend of the music industry. You can use this to stay motivated anytime you’re in doubt or hit writer’s block.

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VIT graVITas Anthem by Prashant Mishra

graVITas 2014 Anthem

Created the anthem music for VIT University's international tech event, graVITas 2014. The track was played throughout the event and aimed at creating a positive vibe in the arena.

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Google Suite Apps

As a regular user of Google Sheets and Workspace, I have been writing Custom Projects that allows cross application synchronisation and automation.

These range from solving trivial problems to full fledged project management. They are not released for public.

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Ear Training App by Prashant Mishra

Ear Training App

Learn to listen. Understand frequencies and test your skills. The app is based on the Web Audio API, and is structured like a Game with Score and Analytics on the progress. The stages are based on my personal approach to understanding sound frequencies and how they are perceived.

The published version online is a trimmed down version, with basic functionalities to give users an introduction to the concept while they also use it to train their ears.

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Re-Nova Synth Demo 1 Audio VST Plugin by Prashant Mishra

Re-Nova Synth Demo 1

While exploring audio tech, I created my first VST Plugin back in 2013, which I experimented in many DAWs. The synth had an arpeggiator, in-built reverb and a few basic functionalities.

It was released for a few users on the Digital iVision Labs' website. If you'd like to give it a shot, let me know and I'll send you a free copy of it.

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Scribble Vol. 1 First Drafts book by Prashant Mishra

Scribble Vol. 1 - First Drafts

Scribble is a collection of short stories, poems, handwritten scripts along with beautiful art that bring together the idea of observing life and living in the moment.

Scribble Vol.1 is an amalgamation of satire, emotions and comedy and talks to the reader through words and represents them to themselves in a way never done before.

Let me know your thoughts when you read this.

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Scribble Vol. 2 Observations book by Prashant Mishra

Scribble Vol. 2 - Observations

Scribble is a collection of short stories, poems, handwritten scripts along with beautiful art that bring together the idea of observing life and living in the moment.

Scribble Vol. 2 consists of observations made on the smallest moments of life along with a few letters to the inner self.

Let me know your thoughts when you read this.

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