Winamp's Source Code


We all love Winamp and feel nostalgic every time we hear that word. A few years ago, I noticed a change in its website so I started following it. Soon I realised that the company will soon be offering a music distribution service. As an early tester of the service, I came to know that this is a completely different project than the Winamp we all know. The product aims at helping artists release music and connect to fans, along with an attempt to bring in NFTs & web3 features.

It's yet to see where this new venture with an old tag will go in the coming years.

Last year, in 2023, I wrote an article about it here:

Nonetheless, the company just informed that they will release the source code of the original Winamp on September 24, 2024!

Winamp Source Code

This could be a marketing move, but would definitely be interesting for all the audio & music tech enthusiasts.

Adding a bit of trivia here: Justin Frankel, the creator of WinAMP, is also the creator of REAPER!

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