ML & AI teach us a lot about the way we see things


The perception of how we see problems & situations can influence the solutions we come up with. Working with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence projects makes this evident with much more clarity. If the input data is noisy, you cannot expect good results / predictions / generated data. How we format that training data is a crucial step. Have we been missing this in our usual approach?

machine learning data finding solutions

When a challenge surfaces, do we jump to finding an answer or do we try and prepare the challenge in a way that makes more sense to us? Would you prefer to see the challenge as an FFT, or as a waveform? Would MEL Spectrogram give us a better visualisation of the right features or should we just see the audio as an array of numbers?

MEL Spectrogram

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We put so much effort into "choosing the right angle of perception" in ML before getting into making any further studies. ML & AI will teach us to ask the right questions – something that we always knew was crucial but underestimated it until the machines forced us to pay attention.

machine learning data finding solutions

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