Lessons From Building an Audio Tech Ecosystem – AirCon24

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I'll be speaking at AirCon24 on June 14, 2024 at 8:30 AM UTC. Notes from the talk will be added to this article right after the event.

What to expect? Game audio, linear media, interactive/immersive projects and the audio tech industry – they all have a huge potential of cross collaboration. Over the past few years I’ve been working on creating a cohesive ecosystem for audio & music tech aimed at bridging the gap between creatives and techies. In this talk, I’ll share an overview of the things I’ve tried, initiatives that have worked and steps that we can take to upgrade the audio industry.

The talk aims at showcasing the potential of possibilities when the creatives of the audio industry collaborate with the tech. I will share anecdotes from my experiences, ideas on how this can be tried in workplaces & at a community level. In my opinion, the next big thing in the audio industry will be a result of such collaborations and this talk is a step in that direction.

RSVP here and keep your ideas ready, as this will be an interactive session: airwiggles.com/c/live-events/lessons-from-building-an-audio-tech-ecosystem

[Talk notes, resources & actionable items will be added here on June 14th, 2024]

The event has an amazing set of talks that I’m looking forward to. Make sure to check them out on the Airwiggles website. Here's the full schedule: