The importance of passionately following your passion


I've been fortunate to have met some of the best human beings on Earth – this sentence is not an exaggeration. If I start naming names, you'll align with me 100%.

One thing that I notice in all of them is the sole trait of following their passion, passionately. This is easier said than done. You could be in a situation where you have chosen the road not taken and that step itself might feel like you're doing something extraordinary. Well, you are. But there's more to it.

📌 It's one thing to take the road not taken. It's a completely different thing to take it with all your heart.

You could opt for a journey that's not widely adopted but to really indulged in that journey is something else.

Over the years what I've come to realise is that people who do take the little known paths have to deal with two scenarios:

  1. An anxiety / self-awareness of taking that step
  2. Dedicatedly following the path

Those who follow the pre-established paths around them, don't get to feel the first emotion as much, and this allows them to stay focussed on being passionate about whatever it is that they were assigned.

Walking on the undiscovered road, however, has this unforeseen parallel state of mind which can subconsciously influence how we explore. As an analogy, imagine the person who is walking on this less-known road keeps thinking how their choice is "different", spending too much time looking around (and often backwards) or looking down & sideways because the "act of taking a different path" itself has overwhelmed them. This affects how they discover new ideas and build this path, because a lot of time goes in telling others (and actually oneself) about how "this path is also good".

I'm here to inform that this doesn't help. It's extremely counterproductive and can affect one's growth sooner that they'd imagine. How? Because the focus isn't in focus.

Let's take an example of creative audio. In India, this is not only a niche domain but also one that has limited scope (as of 2024) which is often highly abused (work culture wise) and extremely underpaid. I've met a lot of folks who live in the dilemma of whether they made the right decision or not, every day. And for the very right reasons. In the short term & near future, things often get blurry and it can make one reassess their decisions.

On the other and, I've met many legends from India who are so deeply involved in their passion that they somehow don't think about these constraints. They not only took the unfamiliar road, but also took it with all their hearts. I haven't, even for once, heard them discuss about the dilemma. Every discussion with them has been about the new thing they learnt, or the new personal project they're picking up next. Aspirations & actions all the way!

Some of these perform, have set up companies, organisations and initiatives that are so good that they appear to be an outcome of some usual path.

There's often too much noise around us that makes us focus on point 1. It's extremely important to get over it, as quickly as possible. One thing that could make it linger is conversations where one has to explain the decision or showcase that one is "doing fine". More to oneself than to others.

Best things, however, begin when the focus moves to finally pursuing the passion, passionately.

This article is an ode to all of you who have inspired me, and continue to do so, daily. Have you been hesitant in your journey? Do you have a story that can inspire? I'm all ears. Connect with me using the Contact Me page.