Bhuvan Bam's Music 🎵 ❤️


Bhuvan Bam aka BB Ki Vines is one of the most versatile artist. It's difficult to tag him in just one box of "actor", "director" etc. While he's great at all of that, I feel his music is that one element which has impressed me the most.

Bhuvan Bam Singing

All his songs released so far are great. It's not a common thing. Rarely we come across artists who speak their hearts out through their art. Bhuvan's music showcases his understanding of human life & emotions.

Consider this article as a playlist of his songs as you read my connection with them. Starting with Safar because a journey has to begin somewhere. It's a perfect song for a road trip. It has the 80s pop vibes – very Bappi Lahiri style.

Next is Ajnabee because that is what's playing on my laptop as I write this. Soothing guitars, nice use of reverb on vocals, this track has a vibe that can relax you easily. Even though the lyrics are more suitable for heartbreak moments, the music somehow still manages to connect to your life. The guitar solos in this are so good!

Heer Ranjha is a modern sounding song. Don't let its title deceive you. "Chal" hits you immediately as Bhuvan's vocals kick in and take you by surprise. This song also has very clean use of pitch correction in production – only the required amount, beautifully done.

When TVF came up with its very first web series (probably also India's first web series), Permanent Roommates, Bhuvan's song Teri Meri Kahani took people by surprise. He had been performing this song for a while before the world got to listen to its mp3 version.

Sang Hoon Tere takes you to another world. It has a very Coldplay vibes – the constant guitar tone in the chorus and in other solos. The song also has what I call "the Train rhythm". My Apple Music playlist Songs with Train Beats proudly hosts this track. It's perfect for live performances. So much energy!

You can listen to more of his tracks on his YouTube playlist: Bhuvan Bam's Original Music

Which is your favorite song by Bhuvan? Or are you like me and love all of his tracks? Would you someday want to listen to his album with a live tour? Comment below and share this article so it eventually reaches Bhuvan.