Top 10 Highlights from WWDC24: Embracing Innovation & Intelligence


Apple's WWDC24 was packed with groundbreaking announcements, focusing on enhancements across its operating systems and new AI-driven features. The debut of iOS 18, "Apple Intelligence," macOS Sequoia, and more promises a more integrated and personalized user experience. Here are the top 10 highlights from this year's event:

Apple WWDC24

1. iOS 18 with Enhanced Customization: iOS 18 introduces advanced home screen customization, allowing users to place app icons freely and apply themes. The revamped Control Center features a multipage layout and a new "Controls Gallery" for third-party widgets, enhancing user personalization and functionality.

iOS 18

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2. Apple Intelligence: Apple's new AI suite, "Apple Intelligence," integrates deeply across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It leverages on-device processing and cloud computing to offer features like image generation, advanced text tools, and system-wide ChatGPT integration, aiming to deliver a smarter and more intuitive experience.

Siri with ChatGPT

Math Notes


3. macOS Sequoia: macOS Sequoia introduces a redesigned Reader view in Safari with ML-powered summaries and a new Passwords app compatible with various platforms. Other notable features include enhanced window management, iPhone Mirroring, and improvements to Continuity.

MacOS Sequoia

iPhone Mirroring in MacSO Sequoia

4. iPadOS 18 Enhancements: iPadOS 18 brings Math Notes to the Notes app, a Calculator app with Apple Pencil support, and a new floating tab bar for better navigation. Users can now customize their home screens similarly to iOS 18, making the iPad experience more seamless and tailored.

iPadOS 18

Smart Scripts in iPadOS 18

5. watchOS 11 Upgrades: watchOS 11 includes a redesigned Photos face, a new Translate app, and expanded Smart Stack functionalities. Health and fitness get a boost with the new "Vitals" app, Training Load feature, and customizable Summary mode in the Fitness app.

WatchOS 11

WatchOS Vitals

6. Advanced AirPods and Home Features: AirPods now support head gestures to interact with Siri, while the Home app integrates robot vacuum controls. New AirPods features include Voice Isolation and FaceTime Live Captions, enhancing communication and smart home management.

Airpods and Home

7. VisionOS 2 and Vision Pro: VisionOS 2 expands globally, adding immersive experiences and enhanced developer tools for spatial computing. Vision Pro gains new gestures for Control Center access and improved Mac Virtual Display capabilities, offering higher resolution and ultra-wide display options.

VisionOS 2

Vision Pro

8. Redesigned Photos App: The Photos app in iOS 18 sees its biggest redesign, featuring a new Carousel interface, "Collections" for better organization, and advanced search capabilities. Users can also easily hide screenshots and group people together, making photo management more intuitive.

Photos app Clean Up

9. Messages via Satellite: iPhone 14 and 15 users can now send iMessages and SMS without Wi-Fi or cellular service using satellite connectivity. This feature enhances communication in remote areas, ensuring users stay connected. And finally, the RCS support 😄

iMessages app

10. Enhanced Privacy and Security: iOS 18 introduces the ability to lock individual apps with Face ID, providing an extra layer of security. The Mail app now offers automatic categorization on-device, and Apple Wallet includes new features like Tap to Pay for Apple Cash and improved event ticket support.

Secure AI

WWDC24 showcased Apple's commitment to innovation, blending advanced AI with user-friendly enhancements across its ecosystem. These updates promise to redefine the user experience, making Apple devices more powerful, intuitive, and integrated than ever before.

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