Sound & Music of Ankhon Dekhi - Part 1


"Ankhon Dekhi is one of my most favourite movies" – this sentence has become possible after years of consuming cinema & trying to immerse myself into art. Rajat Kapoor clearly made a masterpiece that will inspire filmmakers & storytellers for ages! Before you read further, I'd like you to take moment to close your eyes and listen to this masterpiece of a track. If you've already watched the movie, this would still give you goosebumps.

Vimana M · Ankhon Dekhi End Titles

Ankhon Dekhi can easily be claimed to be one of the best pictures of the century in all aspects. While there are videos and reviews about its visuals, cinematography and direction, in this & the next articles I'll share some of my thoughts about its sound and music.

Rajat Kapoor's Ankhon Dekhi is a film that challenges our perceptions, and its sound design is no exception. It's a sonic landscape that's as unconventional and thought-provoking as the film itself.

Dialogues: The Heart of Realism

The film's sonic landscape plays a crucial role in immersing the audience in the protagonist’s introspective journey – Bauji, portrayed by Sanjay Mishra, who embarks on a quest to believe only what he sees (which in Hindi is called "Ankhon Dekhi")

One of the most striking aspects of the film's sound is the dialogue. Each line is delivered with a deliberate rhythm and cadence, almost like a musical composition. Bauji's interactions are marked by philosophical musings and a blend of humour and pathos. The naturalistic dialogue delivery, often characterized by pauses and colloquial language, makes the characters relatable and the narrative more engaging.

Rajat Kapoor’s direction ensures that conversations feel organic, often overlapping and reflecting the chaotic yet intimate nature of family life in a Delhi neighbourhood. This realistic portrayal of dialogue helps ground the film’s more abstract themes in everyday life.

Sound Design: Enhancing the Atmosphere

The sound design of the film is subtle yet effective. The film uses ambient sounds to create a vivid sense of place, whether it’s the bustling streets of old Delhi or the quieter, reflective moments in Bauji’s home. The careful selection of background sounds – from the clatter of utensils to the distant hum of traffic – adds to the film’s realism and helps the audience connect with the setting on a sensory level. The silence in certain scenes amplifies the characters' inner turmoil and unspoken thoughts.

Even though Bauji's house is 'small' in physical size, the sound design & ambience of characters talking accommodated more than what that space visually could.

A Soundscape of Introspection

The overall soundscape of Ankhon Dekhi is a testament to how sound design and dialogue can elevate a film’s storytelling. By focusing on realism and subtlety, the film creates an immersive auditory experience that complements its visual and thematic elements. The sounds of everyday life, coupled with profound dialogues, invite the audience into Bauji’s world, making his journey of self-discovery all the more impactful.

In Ankhon Dekhi, sound is not merely an accompaniment but a crucial narrative device, enhancing the film’s introspective and philosophical undertones. For cinephiles and sound design enthusiasts, the film offers a rich case study in how sound can be used to deepen storytelling and evoke a strong emotional response.

Musical Interludes and Emotional Resonance

Sagar Desai’s musical score complements the sound design, weaving in and out of scenes to enhance the emotional impact. Unlike traditional Bollywood films, Ankhon Dekhi avoids overbearing musical numbers, instead opting for a restrained approach that supports the narrative without overshadowing it. The music and sound effects work in tandem to highlight the film’s introspective mood, guiding viewers through Bauji’s internal and external worlds.

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