Travel, to learn.

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Travelling is such an underrated activity. Most of us keep it for the times when we feel 'burnt out' or 'need a break'. However, it can be made part of a ritual that comes with benefits that are unmatched.

Perspective: One key element that travelling improves for you if your perception about the world, the progress and the problems around you. Looking at people's lives makes it evident that we are but a speck in the universe. We often overvalue our issues and carry that burden with us until the problem gets solved.
Learning: 'Ignorance is bliss' might make sense in specific scenarios, however, travelling can surprise you about how you were missing out on important knowledge, about different areas of your country, another culture, and often about yourself. Assuming that you're healthy without challenging yourself, can be a myth, which could break if you decide to do a slightly strenuous trek.
Life: While brainstorming and self retrospection in the safety of four walls in your room can enlighten you with ideas, travelling has another way of bringing you new information. You make new friends, witness anecdotes, become part of someone's story and feel alive in a whole new way.

If you've always wanted to travel and have been holding back, get to planning. Who knows what your next journey holds for you.