Cmd + Shift + / can save you hours!

One of the most underrated, and often missed, shortcut in MacOS is using the Help menu which can be accessed using the shortcut mentioned in the title. This is one feature that I wish Windows would consider.

MacOS Shortcut Tip

The Help menu in Mac has a search box which allows you to type in a text and immediately see the results in their respective menus. While having keyboard shortcuts for every function you use repeatedly is definitely a go-to approach, the Help menu can sometimes save you a lot of time.

Main use case for me has been to get an audio plugin from the AudioSuite menu in Pro Tools. All you have to do is to use cmd + shift + /, start typing the plugin name, use arrow keys to select a result and the plugin gets auto selected in the AudioSuite menu. Press return and there you have it.

Let me know if you use this in your workflow.