Exploring Himachal Pradesh – Heaven in India


TL;DR: If you're planning a visit to Himachal Pradesh in India, consider visiting the non-famous places such as Jibhi, Tosh, Tirthan Valley and the likes of it, to really enjoy nature and not get burdened by commercialised places and constant sales of drugs. And keep a minimum of 7 days to give yourself the time you always needed.

rainbow shimla

I decided to take a quick tour to visit the mountains. Kullu-Manali had been on the list since childhood so thought of finally witnessing the hype. Shivang, my first best friend, took the responsibility of helping me plan an itinerary and I'm so glad I listened!

If you need the copy of the itinerary, connect with me using the Contact Me page.

I personally prefer places that has less crowd. That's almost always the first "feature" I look for when planning to visit a tourism-rich venue. "Off beat" is often the word used by vloggers for this. Here are some interesting places I covered during my trip which I'd definitely recommend:

1. Jibhi: Stay in a good resort here. Spend 2 days minimum. Enjoy the calm. Walk a lot. A lot. Here's what you get to see as you enter Jibhi:

Jibhi Valley

And here's what you see when you visit Jalori Pass:

Jalori Pass snow

Within 1 hour of cab ride, the weather changes so much!

This is a work-in-progress article. I'll add details of more places along with pictures soon. If you want me to do it sooner, share this article with your friends and tag me on social media when doing so