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Over the years I’ve realised that one of the most interesting things to me is to enable creative collaboration. As I explored more, I noticed that I feel some kind of satisfaction when I am able to connect two people who can together do wonders, and then they do!

It started with when I was leading an audio department and really wanted the members to do brainstorming with the writers and game designers. I wasn’t surprised that within a day they had discovered so much more that they could create. Bliss! Having grown in an era when MOOCs were becoming the new way to learn, I realised how critical it is to consolidate information and make it accessible. In the audio industry, there have been many attempts to make this happen. There are a lot of learning resources in today’s time and the catalog continues to grow. While all that’s relevant, it’s also important to find like-minded people. Afterall, art, businesses and companies are not made for one person. Making something really good happens with team work. This happens when people working towards a similar goal, collaborate.

It’s not easy to find like-minded people though. Skills is one aspect of it, but alignment of vision is a whole another level of match. Recruiters will know the pain. In the past 18 or so months, I have tried to bridge as many gaps as possible. Apps talking to each other through integrations, teams finding common grounds to ideate and new talents meeting the experienced one. I’ve also tried and helped in scaling up any and every good idea that’s out there, and I’m continuing to find better ways to do it. On that note, I’m working on building an ecosystem for games and interactive audio in India. It’s already in action on ground for about 8 months and it’s time it goes online.

This isn’t an alternative platform, but rather a place to bring it all together. It’s a campaign, which keeps it beyond being just an organisation/learning resource/community. If you’re into game audio and would like to join me, send an email to