ADCx India & Music Hack Day India

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The idea is simple. For an ecosystem to develop, efforts are required on multiple fronts. Audio tech industry has a lot of potential to spread its roots in India. There are great developers, engineers, creatives, artists and startups already doing some bits in their own unique ways. To scale this up, it’s important to bring them together under one roof, hence, ADCx India & Music Hack Day India.

To know more about the event, check out The talk submission form for the event is available at and will be open till 17th September 2023.

After many in-depth conversations with Indians who have traveled abroad because a Masters or PhD in music tech and audio tech wasn't available in India, it became clear that we have to do something about it. There is definitely a demand for it. There are so many undergraduates these days who are delving into this awesome domain. A handful of IITs have professors who are helping students to do their final year projects around audio. Game audio is catching attentions and creatives are even learning to code for it. But whenever the question comes to building products / companies, it’s still a challenge to find like minded people.

While working globally is going to be the way we’ll continue to create awesome tools, it’s also relevant to have local access to information and a support system — the ecosystem. Over the past few years, many of us have put efforts to make this happen. Music Hack Day India by Music Tech Community, Algorave India and a bunch of other initiatives in small pockets have helped in spreading the word, and eventually made more people in India to get the confidence in pursuing this further.

It’s time we take the next logical step of scaling up the community, convince Indian universities to begin open-to-all programs, and let it be known to everyone that a passion in audio tech is NOT a niche. Let’s all talk more about it. That’s the best way to make a contribution. A wholehearted welcome to everyone willing to help us in making this a reality. #audiodev #musictech #audiotech #audiodeveloperconference #adc #audiodevcon #gameaudio #musictechcommunity #gameaudioindia