Essence of Sound Design for IPs and Brands


I was invited to speak at AirCon23, the very first online event of which is the new social media for the audio community, and I decided to bring up a topic that often gets missed out on – essence of sound. The talk includes some bits from my experiences which includes inputs from all the great people I've met along the way.

If you joined the session live, I hope you liked it. In case you didn't, find the recording below. Let me know your thoughts either way. 😊

Recording of the session:

Google Slides:

[AirCon23] - Essence of Sound Design for IPs and Brands by Prashant Mishra

Recommendations from Attendees:

I'm glad that the audience was quite active in the comment section of the session. They shared some important resources that are worth mentioning:

My recommendations:

I'll edit this article to add more in the future:

If you'd like to discuss about the essence of sound with me or share any other idea, feel free to set up a call here: Set up call or send me an email via the Contact Form and I'll get back to you at the earliest.

Keep observing life, keep creating sounds and keep telling your stories. And when you do so, please send them to me as well. I'm listening. 😊

– Prashant