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Let's get you to know about me, if you don't already. Feel free to wander over this space, scroll through the pages, click on buttons that look exciting – become an explorer basically. Some sections of the website are under construction, so if you don't find what you came here for, use the Contact Me form.

Oh, and look out for hidden gems.

I'm a / an:

(keywords are based on projects that I have worked on so far, to give you a quick context)


Audio Direction, Sonic Branding, Music, Sound Design, Foley, Game & Interactive Audio, Sound Supervision, Audio Programming, VR & Dolby Atmos, Voice+Script & Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Music Publishing


Product Enthusiast

Process & Production, User Experience, Creative Content, Podcast, Digital Marketing, Early Learn, Audio Stories, Visual Content Communication, Pedagogy, Poems, Rhymes, Articles, Editing, Copywriting, Team Setup


Hobbyist Coder

Web Audio API, HTML, JS, Bootstrap, C++, JUCE, VST, Audio Plugins, Frontend, Python, ML, Voice & Text Sync, MIR, Google Home & Alexa Apps, Facebook Page Apps (deprecated), Chrome & Microsoft Edge Extensions


Brands that I have worked with:

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