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I have had some amazing conversations with talented people over the years. Here are some of them (in no particular order)

Building Audio Teams & Products – Jan Wilczek

Had a great discussion with Jan from thewolfsound.com on his podcast about my journey so far, covering the creative, management and technical roles.

The podcast also includes a lot of learning resources for anyone who is starting out or needs some context of the possibilities, and hints some details about my work with Disney. If you find the talk relatable or helpful, please do let me know  :)

Podcast notes, relevant link, and other important details are available at: https://thewolfsound.com/talk008/

Voice & Text Sync – The Audio Programmer

I've learnt so much from Joshua and sharing screen with him was an amazing experience. In this video I talked about building tools with a product mindset, to solve problems that can help scale projects easily. I presented an example of voice and text sync along with understanding the marker structures of different DAWs, to see how a feature as quick as this can bring game designers, writers, developers and the audio department on the same page.

The app can create voice-synced marker files compatible with iZotope RX which can then be used to automate read-along animations in Unity.

Teaching Wwise on GameAudioLearning.com

As part of my attempt to make Game Audio more accessible in India, I've collaborated with Greg Lester, creator of gameaudiolearning.com, to help beginners (& professionals from linear media) from around the world to take their first steps. In case some of them already started their journey but didn't continue for some reason, we help them nudge themselves into building the momentum.

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