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The website is under construction at the moment as I gather all of my project data. In the mean time, feel free to explore this space, scroll through the pages, or if you want to know something interesting:

I'm a / an:

(keywords are based on projects that I have worked on so far, to give you a quick context)


Audio Direction, Sonic Branding, Music, Sound Design, Foley, Game & Interactive Audio, Sound Supervision, Audio Programming, VR & Dolby Atmos, Voice+Script & Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Music Publishing


Product Enthusiast

Process & Production, User Experience, Creative Content, Podcast, Digital Marketing, Early Learn, Audio Stories, Visual Content Communication, Pedagogy, Poems, Rhymes, Articles, Editing, Copywriting, Team Setup


Hobbyist Coder

Web Audio API, HTML, JS, Bootstrap, C++, JUCE, VST, Audio Plugins, Frontend, Python, ML, Voice & Text Sync, MIR, Google Home & Alexa Apps, Facebook Page Apps (deprecated), Chrome & Microsoft Edge Extensions


Brands that I have worked with:

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